Audi A3 E-Tron

After years of developing all kinds of plug-in prototype, Audi put one on sale in January 2016. The A3 Sportback platform has a compelling mix of attributes—elegant lines, high-quality materials and practicality. Combine that with a capable 1.4-liter turbocharged gas engine and an electric powertrain providing about 16 miles of electric driving. The result is a small snazzy and robust plug-in hybrid.

Audi A3 E-Tron specifications

Availability: Now
Base MSRP: $37900
Est. tax credit: $4200
Technology: Plug-in Hybrid
Body type: Luxury
Seats: 5
EPA Range: 16 miles electric + gasoline
Battery size: 9 kWh
Charging rate: 3.3 kW

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